The Learning Universe

Humanness learning began as an informal initiative launched on the assumption that people are learning to be human throughout their entire life. That understanding gradually expanded to the idea that all living creatures are continuously learning to exist.


We even came across Vitaly Vanchurin's theory that all physical things in the Universe are emerging as a result of learning. The Universe itself according to that theory is continuously learning to exist. Nature herself is evolving through learning.


We foster the development of the universal learning mechanism to further evolve as human beings and to build originally humane artificial minds.


The most cited neuroscientist in the world and the creator of the free energy principle Karl Friston framed the challenge we are dealing with now in the following way:


"Theoretical formulations of the kind that Vitaly has brought to the table, much like the theory of natural selection and the free energy principle, are great descriptions of the way things work. However, you cannot use the theory of natural selection to predict or identify the next adaptation; i.e., "solution". One could identify key mechanisms that enable the "next adaptation"; for example, meta selection or selection for selectability. The corresponding mechanism for the free energy principle would be the emergence of curiosity (i.e., actively resolving uncertainty)."


By meeting this challenge we will perform a reality check of the universal learning mechanism with nuclear disarmament as a use case.

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