A Call on Science to Eradicate Nukes

~April 21, 2022

“Extraordinary problems require extraordinary solutions. If we need a magic wand to eradicate nukes, then we have to make the magic wand, first, and use it to eradicate nukes, second...  Read more...

Abstract Chess

Twisted Variables

~September 4, 2021

“The twisting of the conductors is carried out in order to increase the degree of connection between the conductors of one pair...  Read more...

Twisted Pair

Friston Free Energy

~May 10, 2021

The term inference in Karl Friston’s theory means the derivation of an unknown cause from a known consequence....  Read more...

Free Energy


~May 1, 2021

A mathematical model of just one neuron can predict...  Read more...


Fly, Snail, Fly!

~April 27, 2021

Sea angels are snails that have learned to fly...  Read more...

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Dormant Minds or Geniuses?

~December 6  2019

In some small colonies of ants if their queen accidentally dies soldier ants engage in ritual fights with each other.  Read more...

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The Freedom of Thought and The Slavery of Reward

~October 6  2019

We don’t use our brain’s navigation system for thinking. On the contrary, we are using our brain’s thinking system for navigation.  Read more...

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Artificial Intelligence in Humans and Machines

~August 17  2019

Humans are hacked by the reinforcement learning. There is a Frankenstein’s monster growing inside each of us. It’s artificially intelligent but not alive.   Read more...

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Desire to Play

~July 21  2019

Video games may support lifelong cognitive development 

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The Game of Chaos and Curiosity

~April 8  2019

Re:Abandon will make players die from curiosity, rejoice in discovery and bond with each other like no other game before.  Read more...

Image by Mario Azzi


~November 1  2018

Quotes about and inks to source papers on unexpected uncertainty.  Read more...

Camping in Mountains

Do You Know What You Don't Know?

October 5  2018

Let's talk about neuroscience, Bayes and fairy tales. I'll tell you a tale of unexpected uncertainty..  Read more...

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Scientific Justification of Rebandon

September 23  2018

We've put together a short description of science behind Rebandon (with references).  Read more...

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Mom, I Need to Learn from My Prediction Errors

July 23  2018

The current revolution in neuroscience is inspired by machine learning and uses machine learning metaphors and algorithms to advance in the understanding of how our brain works.  Read more...


What AI Gave to Neuroscience?

April 8  2018

While neuroscience provided initial models for deep learning and keeps inspiring AI researchers the reverse impact of AI on neuroscience is also groundbreaking.  Read more...

Emergence of Individuality in Artificial Agents

February 28  2018

“Human beings, viewed as behaving systems, are quite simple. The apparent complexity of our behavior over time is largely a reflection of the complexity of the environment in which we find ourselves.“ Herbert A. Simon Read more...

The Renaissance of Humanness

February 23  2018

We were working on a crazy business idea when we came across a challenge of a planetary scale. It seems that we have found the solution ... Read more...

Consciousness as Software: Patching for Humans, Install for AI

January 22  2018

I don’t remember the reason why we decided to use tags “magic” and “unexplained” to classify events. It was a gut feeling, I guess ... Read more...

The Trojan Horse of Bayesian Heresy

December 14  2017

For billions of years Superintelligent Mind existed in the Universe in the perfect form of intelligent machines which could predict everything using their unlimited computational power. ... Read more...


October 22  2017

This is a brain hacking story that activates the spatial learning mechanism in hippocampus (part of mammalian brain). . Read more...

Hacking Hippocampus: the Next Frontier for Machine Learning and beyond…

October 13,  2017

The knowledge of neuroscience about the human brain is still so incomplete that we can only get inspired in our work by the ideas of neuroscientists . Read more...

All We Need to Protect Us from Inhuman AI Is Humanness In People

August 10,  2017

Understanding doesn’t evolve from repetition. An incremental learning allows animals and machines alike to only fine tune their abilities of following the rules without understanding them. Read more...

VRobot Developer Luden.io Reveals AR Tribe Made with Apple’s ARKit

July 21,  2017

Today, Luden.io, the developer behind virtual reality (VR) titles such as InMind 2 and VRobot, has announced its first foray into the world of augmented reality (AR), unveiling AR Tribe, a videogame that utilises Apple’s ARKit technology. Read more...

AI: Learning to Learn as Humans Do

July 19,  2017

Neuroscience always was the source of inspiration and models for the artificial neural networks based machine learning. Now the time has come to tighten the connection. Read more...

Conscious Machines Are Here. What’s Next?

June 21,  2017

Machine consciousness may be much closer than we think. Look at your smartphone. Long Short-Term Memory recurrent neural networks (LSTM RNNs) are used by Google for speech recognition and by Apple for iOS. The architecture of these deep neural networks already has almost everything required for some sort of machine consciousness to evolve. Read more...

The Rise of Conscious Machines

April 27,  2017

The true artificial intelligence evolves in the hidden layers of deep learning neural networks right now. How long will it take before a GAN or a similar system will learn a proto-concept about itself? Maybe, it has already learned it. We should rather be kind and polite with machines before we know it for sure. Read more...

Humanising and Re-humanising

March 24, 2017

This video explains very well why we are designing humanness learning environment for both human players and AI powered non-player characters. And it’s fun!

January 08, 2017

How and when had it all started? I don’t know. Maybe, when the HBO’s new hit show Westworld reintroduced the once acclaimed concept after decades of ignorance? Or when the freshly inaugurated President made his famous coming out on Twitter by admitting that he heard voices which told him what to do? I don’t know.

December 03, 2016

Aldon believed that his life had a purpose. Jetta found it funny and made fun of him. Aldon liked Jetta but hated when she made fun of him because he believed in the purpose of his life.

“You can like it or not but everyone’s life has a purpose.” He said to Jetta very seriously almost angrily. She gave him one of her cutest smiles and Aldon smiled in return against his will.

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