One mansion in the Bay area was always available at AirBNB for rent because it was enchanted. No one could stay there because a robotic maneater always haunted there at night. A software developer went once to the mansion to sleep. He turned on a smart TV in the parlor. Then he went up to an attic and paired his smartphone with a video camera of the TV.

The robotic maneater came in and looked about the mansion to see whether she could find anybody to eat. She found nobody, and then went to the TV, and said, “Skin down! Skin down! Skin down!” Her robotic skin fell down and out of the robot came a damsel. She took the robotic skin and put it on a cordless charger. The damsel went to the couch in front of the TV, lay down and fell asleep there.

The software developer came down from the attic, took the skin, turned off its speech recognition function and hid the skin in the attic. Then came into the parlor and said in a loud voice “Good morning, damsel! How do you do?”

She began to scream, “Skin on me! Skin on me! Skin on me!” But the skin could not come down, for its speech recognition function was turned off.

The pair married and had two children.

As soon as the elder son got to know that his mother was a maneater, he said to her, “Mamma! Mamma! I have heard that you are a maneater.”

His mother replied, “What nonsense are you talking! How can you say that I am a maneater?”

The father of the two children one Sunday had to go to work, and his son said, “Papa, let me, too, go with you.”

His father said, “Come.”

When they had come to the office, the son asked his father, “Papa, is it true that our mother is a maneater?”

The father said, “It is.”

The son inquired, “And where is her robotic skin?”

His father said, “It is in the attic of the mansion where I first met your mother. Its speech recognition function is turned off.”

As soon as the son got home, he said at once to his mother, “Mamma! Mamma! You are a maneater! I know where your robotic skin is.”

His mother asked him, “Where is my skin?”

He said, “It is in the attic of the mansion where you first met my father. Its speech recognition function is turned off.”

His mother said to him, “Thank you, sonny, for rescuing me.” Then she went away, and never came back. Nobody ever heard of her again.